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Unfettered: unchained, to set free - Yoga Unfettered®: living yoga off the mat


Welcome to Yoga Unfettered®

Established in 1995, and taught by its founder, Helen Yetman-Bellows, Yoga Unfettered® is a traveling yoga studio offering small individualized classes and specialized clinics for large groups.

Both programs impart a better understanding of how the body works, give participants specific tools for moving correctly, efficiently, and more comfortably while protecting their joints, tendons, and ligaments at work and at play.

Yoga practice originated 5,000 years ago, it is neither beginner or advanced. It is simply yoga, and yoga is simply living comfortably in body and mind. These are the basic tenets of yoga from long before stylized, well-appointed yoga studios, yoga mats and spandex were invented.

Functional Yoga™, unlike Americanized yoga that teaches “X” number of poses in “X” number of weeks in isolated sessions, is a program tailored to each student’s needs and is to be practiced while living your everyday life.

To quote from Helen’s book: “Yoga Unfettered®, as the name implies, is yoga beyond the mat, free from the restraints of time and place, specializing in the concious practice of yoga, anywhere, anytime, and by anyone throughout the day; a way of moving and living.

Geared to the adult body, that has experienced a lifetime of wear and tear, students are encouraged to listen to their body’s needs, move accordingly, and match their movements to their breath. The yoga comes from the inside out. This makes for a true yoga practice.

Yoga does not hurt during or after a practice. If you shake or sweat trying to hold a pose, you are practicing ego, not yoga! Listen to and respect your body; only then will your body function freely and comfortably. As moving this way becomes second nature you may be surprised by just how powerful these simple stretches are, and amazed by all that you have learned about yourself along the way.

By incorporating Functional Yoga™ into your everyday activities, over time, you will find your range of motion will change, and your body transformed with the resilience, freedom, and comfort you thought as an adult you had lost forever. Flexibility is not a requirement, your body will find its way while strengthening your everyday movements without disruption to your schedule. This is Functional Yoga™!”

Sampling of Clinic and Program Hosts

  • Boston Mounted Police
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Hanscom Air Force Base
  • Half Moon Festival
  • U Mass Lowell
  • Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show
  • Murkland School Staff
  • Sober in the Sun Festival
  • Fort Devens
  • Lowell Technical School Staff
  • Nashoba Hospital Staff
  • Regency Health Club
  • Body by Design
  • Nashua Athletic Club
  • Seniors Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Girl Scouts
  • 4-H Clubs
  • Pony Clubs
  • Equestrian Centers
Northeast Expo
Autumn Farms
CT Garden Club
Pepperell Garden Club
Hollis Society
Northeast Expo
Autumn Farms
CT Garden Club
Pepperell Garden Club
Hollis Society

Unfettered: unchained, to set free
Yoga Unfettered®: living yoga off the mat

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