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Weekly sessions - monthly commitment.
Yoga mat and Serenity Eye Pillow required.
Join a class or start a program at your location.

Yoga Unfettered®’s stand-alone classes are built around the needs the individual student brings to class each week, from general aches and pains to those suffering from injuries, physical limitations, and competitive athletes. Each student will learn transitional stretches and movements that best support their body. Armed with this knowledge the student can then relieve stress, tension, and rigidity as they present themselves in their everyday lives. Flexibility is not a requirement.




Clinics are hosted by a specific group as a single session or a series. Customized to meet the needs of the group, they focus on the motions most often used in their particular field of interest.

Business/street/riding attire taken into consideration.
Standing and seated postures only - no mat or eye pillow required.
These are Helen’s specialty clinics; others can be developed to suit your group.

Yogic Gathering Clinics™

Designed for festivals, retreats, workshops, seminars, and conventions.

Helen is comfortable, capable, and experienced in teaching hundreds of students at a time, be it in an auditorium or from the main stage. Clinics can be run as multiple mini sessions between bands or long sessions between events. Her gentle stretches help audiences remain fresh, focused, and physically comfortable, whether absorbing volumes of information or enjoying performances.

Yogic Workstation Clinics™

Designed for corporations, offices, trade schools, art centers, and long distance travelers.

Helen has been a bench jeweler since 1995 and is well acquainted with the stresses of repetitive motion in a confined workspace. Learn specific postures and movements that relieve stress points, increase circulation, and enhance focus, thus enabling participants to sit and work comfortably for long periods of time be it at the workbench, in a plane, cubicle, or trade show booth.

Yogic Horseman Clinics™

Designed for equestrian centers, riding clubs, groups, and private coaching.

Helen, a Certified Horsemaster since 1978, has decades of experience as a fulltime professional horseman. Through the practice of mounted and un-mounted stretches and micro movements, the rider will learn to move more easily in their body keeping their horse more comfortable in his/hers. This allows horse and rider to communicate more clearly with one another, work seamlessly as a team, and eliminates many potential conflicts. (Un-mounted clinics available for equine seminars, meetings, groups, and individuals.)

Yogic Gardener Clinics™

Designed for flower show seminars, garden centers, and clubs.

Helen is an avid gardener, growing, harvesting, and preserving enough produce to carry her through the winter. She is well aware of the physical needs of the passionate gardener. Many common aches and pains can be reduced or eliminated by incorporating Functional Yoga™ into daily gardening chores. Participants will learn how to listen to their bodies in motion and use them more efficiently, increasing enjoyment and productivity.

Yogic Stress Management Clinics™

Designed as a tool for support groups.

Beneficial for those struggling with change and facing the challenges it brings. Helen is experienced in the development of programs for the blind, veterans, recovering addicts, victims of abuse, and other confidential support groups in clinical and informal settings. Participants learn to be in the moment, relax the body and therefore the mind, enhance inner focus, and learn to take time for themselves.

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