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Dear Yoga Unfettered, On behalf of the Townsend Congregational Church, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of your yoga book and flash cards for the Church's Spring Auction...with your help, the church successfully raised over $11,000. All proceeds will go to support the continuing mission of Townsend Congregational Church, a Church that has served the community for over 275 years. ...We are grateful for the ongoing support we receive from businesses like yours.
-Townsend Congregational Church  

Hi Helen, Your clinic last night was so much fun and I think some of the movement will help me a lot. I love your technique and philosophy of the working persons yoga! 
-Alene Sirott-Cope 

Helen, Thank you so much for talking and teaching the Hollis Arts Society about yoga for the artist! I loved all your moves and will try to remember to do them in my studio. It is important that the older we get we take the time to take care of our bodies and mind. I feel the more we pay attention to our bodies the better we will age. Walking and sitting is something we do everyday but do we do it correctly? Now I do! Thanks again!
-Cindy Dahlstrom, Program Chair, Hollis Arts Society

What a wonderful program. Thank you again, everyone enjoyed getting advice about how to do yoga while you garden. Have a wonderful summer.
-Marion Cerra and Lois Libby, hosts Pepperell Garden Club

You and your program are awesome!
-Diane Hill, SITS Festival

The response to your clinic was overwhelmingly positive so please put us on the calendar for a 4 week stint.
-Bonnie Donahue and Dorothy Zecca, hosts Autumn Ridge Farm

Thank you for being one of our seminar speakers. Your unique Functional Yoga™ program was very well received. Looking forward to next years presentation.
-Kristie Gonzales, host North East Productions®

Thank you for your Yogic Gardener™ seminar, book and flash cards. Your seminar was an unexpected JOY! I was able to float down to your jewelry/yoga booth for even more creative offerings. Hope to see you next year!
-Udo Sun, seminar participant

Thanks for an awesome practical yoga session for gardeners at the CT Flower Show! It was a pleasure to meet you. I felt so much better after your seminar! Your Yoga To Go flash cards and book are helping me to retain and use the useful information you taught us, so my sister and I can continue to use on a daily basis!
-Carleen Limmer and Helene Bemis, seminar participants

I love this how to book, Yoga Unfettered, for practicing yoga on my own. The instructions are clear, the yoga fits into my busy schedule, and I feel great knowing I can do something healthy for my body and mind all day long. A must have yoga book!
-Mary Francis

I was thrilled to receive a signed copy of Yoga Unfettered as a gift. So much so I have put it on my gift giving list for my family and friends!
-Robin Wood

Here I sit in my rocking chair watching the deer graze before me. I'm 93 now. I am able to keep my mind & body limber thru the yoga flash cards & book. A must no matter how young or old. You can even apply it to laying down for the night & when you first wake before getting up.
-Maggie Hall

I'm 68 years of age and have been quite the active country bumpkin. Through life's challenges and life changes I find myself not as active. But my yoga book and flash cards have kept me young and vibrant. So I would like to give my review: No matter how young or old, nor what life throws out in our path, we can be alive and relaxed through the Grace of God placing the skill and talents into Helen's heart to teach, write books, and flash cards to assist us in maintaining that goal of living a life of joy and peace!
-Mary Fredrick

I am very active and able to do all things needed to be done, Yoga Unfettered works. However I have recently strained my back. But guess what...yoga still works in the healing department Thank you!
-Harry Tenney


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